Unlock the true potential of your product

Understand feature usage

Feature Usage

Identify which features are used the most and least. Which user groups are using what features? Which features are driving growth?

User behavior

User Behavior

Group users based on their login frequency, time spent, activity levels and much more. Create your own user cohorts and track users with high churn potential.

track KPIs

Track KPIs

Track key performance indicators like signup trends, login frequencies, onboarding interactions etc. to ensure better customer product interaction.

Simplify Onboarding

Simplify Onboarding

Provide active agent support, demos with screen sharing to improve onboarding success.

In-App Messaging

In-App messaging

Communicate with your incoming users with simple rule based messaging and process automation.

Understanding Users

Live Chat

Proactively support your customers with live chat. Agents can help with user queries and onboarding.