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Website Analytics
Product Analytics
Data labelling, Custom event definition
User Experience Tracking
Page load times, API latency
User cohorts
User Session tracking
Mobile Apps and SDK analytics


Create Your Own Dashboard
Time Series Charts
Conversion Analysis Charts
User Journey Charts

User Engagement

Live Chat
In-Product Announcements
Product Feedback (NPS)


Hubspot, SalesForce, Pipedrive
Social Platforms
Facebook, Twitter


Email Support
Scheduled live support for customer success
Live Support
Scheduled chats or calls
Onboarding Support and Hand holding
Support during implementation and hand holding for necessary configurations
Optional $500 One time charge Free
User Sessions
A session is when a user starts using the application or visits the website until they finally close the browser or application
2000 Variable
Team Size
Number of logins for fibotalk application
1 Variable
Data retention
Time for which all the data is available for analysis
30 days 1 Year