Step: 1 Login to your Fibotalk account.

Step: 2 Go to Plugins -> Add New.

Step: 3 Search for Plugin “ Headers” , Choose the plugin “Insert Header and Footers” shown in the Image below

 By using header and footer plugin you can include fibotalk live chat on your wordpress website

Step: 4 Go to the “Plugins” and Activate your recently added Plugin i.e "Insert Header and Footer".

Step: 5 Go to Settings , Choose “Insert Header and Footer”.Copy and paste the script which you have got from your Fibotalk account.

By adding fibotalk script in the header and footer , fibotalk chat plugin will be enable for wordpress websites

(To get the Script , Go to channels -> Embed Fibotalk in your website)

Step: 6 Save the changes. That's it ! Fibotalk is embedded in your Wordpress website.